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Find leads that crave your product...

Here at Colossus we have been supplying businesses in a multitude of industries with consumer data with pinpoint accuracy for over a decade.


No matter your data appetite, we can supply your buiness with real-time data any time of day, week or year. Need to apply filters your data? No problem.


Whether you want 1-day-old data or 4-year-old data, we can accommodate you. Receive it to your API, as a CSV file or get it dripped into your email platform over time.


Need data that you and only you will receive? We can do that for you. We can supply you with data at any exclusivity level. Our exclusivity capabilities are unparalleled.

We can deliver data into any platform

These are just some of the more popular mass email/data management platforms we can deliver your data to.

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E: sean.s@colossus.media

Grow your businessness with our data

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. Over the past decade, we have supplied businesses big and small with highly customized data to unburden them from the trouble of generating their own leads. This strategy has allowed our customers to grow exponentially while concentrating on what matters most. Here is what some of them have to say about us...

Paul S.
International Marketing Services, CEO

Great company to work with. Very flexible data and professional staff.

John S.
TriadExcel Marketing, Founder & CEO

The data was on point, highly targeted and converted quite well.

Chris B.
ListFlex LLC, Marketing Director

For my money, it doesn't get much better than Colossus Media. These guys have their stuff together.